Hi, I'm Paul, owner and coach here at CrossFit Fire of the Gods.  I started CrossFitting in 2007; you can read my CrossFit autobiography here:  Forty Years in the Fitness Desert

I've been coaching athletes in CrossFit almost since the day I started CrossFitting, and as result have pursued advanced training in CrossFit.  CrossFit certifications and experience includes:
- Level II Trainer (2008)
- CrossFit Kids (2009) 
- CrossFit Olympic Lifting (2010)
- CrossFit Coaches Prep Course (2010)
- POSE Method of Running Level I (2011) 

- Head Judge, 2010 Faction Games
- Competitor, 2008 CrossFit Games (97th)
- Competitor, 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Open (45-50; 74th)
- Competitor, 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open (45-50; 324th)

That said, certifications and other qualifications are only the means to an end.  The 'end' is to help athletes optimize their performance for sport, life or combat.

Prior to CrossFit, I studied traditional martial arts at Wu Hsing Shan under Mr. Alan S. Gardner from 1992 until his death in 2006.  I earned shodan rank in Shotokan karate, and also enjoyed traditional ju jitsu, tai chi, ba gua, and hsing i training.  It was a great privilege to be an instructor in Shihan Gardner's gym.

I am happily married, a father of four, and a career Naval Officer.  I served three years on the Germantown, Tennessee Police Department after graduating from Rhodes College in 1986.  I enjoy several passions and hobbies, but none exceeds my drive to learn and teach.