Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Berardi on Sucralose


Ever wish you knew more about Splenda aka sucralose? Voila. I think it is preferable to aspartame, but with any of these artificial sweetners, or real sweetners, the less the better.

Monday, June 29, 2009

About Cholesterol


A concise post to allow learning by example - the lady's doctor knows little or nothing about heart health and how to interpret her lipid profile, but she's smart enough not to take his word that she needs an statin.

Amazingly - high cholesterol is not associated with heart disease in women, but this doctor is not the only one who seems not to know that.

Lesson - don't take anyone's word for it that you need a statin. The side effects can be significant. With a little homework, you can decide for yourself what is best. Treating your doctor like an oracle is not the fast lane to better health. Any doctor should tell you - the best medical care results when informed, eager to learn patients work hard to take control of their own health.

Fire of the Gods Fitness

The Greek myth tells that the Titan Prometheus, looking down from Mount Olympus, saw mankind - cold and lifeless. He asked Zeus if he could take fire from Olympus and share it with the humans, that their suffering would be diminished. When Zeus refused, Prometheus stole the Fire of the Gods, and brought it to the humans. Zeus' punishment was to chain Prometheus to a rock - each day a giant eagle came to eat Prometheus' liver. Since he was immortal, the liver would grow back, so Prometheus' punishment never ended.

We don't have to defy Zeus to bring you what we know about fitness, health and nutrition - but much of what we believe comes from those who have defied the modern day equivalent of Zeus. If they have not been punished literally, they certainly were punished in many ways by the criticism of those they dared challenge. The result is the same - they opposed the orthodoxy, and brought fitness and healthy nutrition - the Fire of the Gods - to many who desperately needed it. We humbly follow in the footsteps of CrossFit's founders (Greg and Lauren Glassman), Dr. Barry Sears, Dr. Atkins, Dr. Michael Eades, and Gary Taubes - all of whom have punched their way through the status quo to find truth when others could or would not.

In the end, what we do and what they did only matters if it matters to you, our client - the knowledge we have and will give matters when you accellerate your fitness; when you gain confidence and calm as regards eating for health; when you find yourself in 'write home about it' physical condition. We exist to serve this end, and work every day to refine how we facilitate it.

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