Feed Your Child

I will never tell any parent what to feed their children.  The science of food is too imprecise, and the stakes for our children are too high, for me to take such pretense that I can tell you what to feed your children.

Instead, I recommend you 'consume' Robb Wolf's book, "The Paleolithic Solution" and apply that wisdom to feeding your child.

I also suggest your consideration of these links/video, which will provide enough exposure to the pitfalls of fueling a child that you will be able to make an informed choice.

This link goes to Jimmy Moore's web site, which I enthusiastically recommend.  The top video shows Dr. Lustig's long presentation on the perils of sugars, and fructose in particular.  This is not an easy video to watch, but you absolutely will not regret taking the time.  You will be able to apply this immediately in a way that I think will help your children.

Below Dr. Lustig's video is a great summary of the biochemistry by Underground Wellness blogger, Sean Croxton.  Since this vid is ten minutes and Dr. Lustig's is 90, some may be able to ingest Sean's version when they wouldn't take time for the Doctor's.  Best case would be to watch Sean's vid, then the Doctor's, then Sean's again.  Or, you could just keep all fructose, all juices, and all sugared drinks out of your children's diets.

See also this podcast in which Jimmy does a fabulous job interviewing Dr. Lustig:
‘Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show’ Episode 378: Dr. Robert Lustig From ‘Sugar: The Bitter Truth’ Explains Why You Don’t Need To Be On A Low-Carb Diet