Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I was fortunate to present to a group of folks recently who are not my normal audience.  Rather than being CrossFitters they were clients of a financial services company.  I have been immersed in the nutritional idea that the primary element of health is avoiding excess carb intake for so long, I am always surprised to find that most people still don't know that.  Thus, when I deliver a short presentation that has people wrinkling their brows, it is both exciting and discouraging.  

It's a pretty simple observation - there are people who carry excess body fat who are healthy and live well.  There are people with "high" cholesterol who are healthy and live well.  There are people who never exercise who are healthy and live well.  I know of no one with out of control blood sugar that is also healthy.  Even though doctors are on to this issue, and are ever ready with metformin and other drugs to help folks deal with excessively high blood sugar, the simple premise of not over-eating carbs seems to escape the masses.  This is likely due to the cognitive dissonance that results from the very poor science of diet, which tells us cholesterol is bad, fat is bad, and too much protein is bad.  One of these things must be wrong, probably all of them are, but the result is many will dig half way into the topic, and throw up their hands wondering if they can eat anything.  

The day is coming when someone will sort out how to do compelling science on humans and diet.  We see more of it seemingly every month.  It can't come soon enough for me.

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