Sunday, June 10, 2012

CrossFit for Hope

Janet and I completed Hope in the hot DC sun yesterday with a crew of CrossFit monsters.  Doing the workout with CrossFit hero Nicole Carroll, and CrossFit Games worthy Neil Maddux, and many other delightful CrossFitters, made for a day to remember.

As incredible was to be welcomed into the warmth of the CrossFit HQ staff at the parties and meals that preceded and followed the event.  The staff looked tired but satisfied - as they should be after flying to Copenhagen, then Kenya, and then the west coast, and now to DC for Hope.  This is a group that is purpose driven and paying the price for it as well as reaping the rewards.  I am grateful to be associated with CrossFit.

There's no CrossFitter that won't feel proud to support St. Jude's children!!

The relatively dry heat and 2PM sun was an eye opener.  We were both able to keep the perspective though - we could choose at any moment to let up and stop the suffering.  The children supported at St Jude Children's Research Hospital cannot make the pain go away so easily.  I walked away from the arena, slowly, with 164 reps and six blisters/tears on my hands - and the humility of knowing I could have done more reps.  There's pride and humility in getting to the point where resolve meets pain and fatigue.

The children that St. Jude treats can't stop the illness, but we can help them and we can help St Jude fund the research that might stop these diseases - and others.

Here's a profile of a young lady who beat cancer, lost a leg in the fight, and is as charming and strong and powerful as any 13 year old you will ever meet.  Janet and I dined with her last night and she taught me the ending to the story of "Fire of the Gods" (who knew that Hercules saved Prometheus? I didn't, but Kate did, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a blog about that myth).  That was after she did more reps in Hope most of us competitors did.  Kate is testimony that how the cards are played matters far more than what cards one receives.  If you meet her, she will look you in the eye, listen intently and respond with strength, pride, passion and precision!  You will benefit from humility and inspiration as you speak with her.

I am grateful for the weekend, grateful to have been in the company of these inspiring people, and grateful to have been with Janet all weekend.  We had a blast!

I hope to post some video of us at work on the National Mall, to silence the throngs of skeptics who don't think we really did it!

Thank you to those who have donated, and who make other charitable choices aside from supporting St. Jude.  If you would like to add to CrossFit's 1.7+ million dollar projected fundraising total, click here:

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