Friday, September 7, 2012

Saturation Be Damned

One of the benefits of using the evolutionary approach is that it allows you to make rational decisions about your life choices without having to double-check them with Pubmed. And it doesn’t involve re-enactment of Paleolithic times, although heaven knows, I find some modern social conventions really tedious (like people requesting to know how I am going on a Monday morning prior to my first cup of coffee). As the opponents of the Paleo approach correctly point out, we don’t really know what our ancestors ate. But I sure as hell know what they DIDN’T eat: excessive amounts of sugar, grains, seed oils and other industrially produced food-like substances. Not even almond flour cupcakes. Sorry.
Regulating your fat intake is easy: eat fish, seafood, meat (preferably grass-fed), eggs, some nuts, seasonal fruit and veggies.   Go back to eating food, not labels.

While I didn't like this article much in toto, the conclusion was rock star grade (although I have to admit I like the phrase but don't think much of rock stars).  I will also say, like the author, I can't believe anyone's still worried about saturated fat.

After a CrossFit sabbatical in Ramona with the founders of CrossFit Kids, and all around delightful people, Jeff and Mikki Martin, I'm fired up to get back to blogging and kicking my paleo brain into gear.

Have a nice weekend, all!

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