Monday, September 2, 2013

Processed Food

I saw this loaf of no kidding "whole grain" bread in the local superstore last night.  Most of the 
"experts" will at the same time encourage you to avoid processed foods (they are the latest iteration of "the devil"), but eat all the "whole grains" you can stuff into your pie hole.  

Well, I'm still waiting for their explanation for why this isn't a processed food.  

Because you know, I know, and anyone with an IQ above the average lineman's jersey number knows you will never eat this crap as a bud from a wheat plant.  And the reason every culture since the start of agriculture removed the part of the wheat that is removed to make "refined wheat" is that it goes bad, quickly.  IOW - the whole part of the whole grains has a shelf life that is short, so if you want it to be edible at all on a supermarket shelf you have to preserve through processing.  

And after a lot of searching I can still find no credible explanation for why whole grains are such a great thing to eat - the claimed benefit in glycemic load?  Mythical, as any glycemic index chart will show.  There's some crazy stuff in the nutrition world, and the whole grain issues is right up there at the top of the list of what is bass ackwards.

Disclaimer - if you like this stuff and enjoy how it makes you feel, good for you.  My intended audience is those folks who want to make a change because they are no longer happy with how they feel or look or perform.  No offense intended to those of you who are happy processed whole grain gluttons.

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