Saturday, January 4, 2014

American Council on Exercise study: CrossFit Works! | PT365

“You look at the intensity of CrossFit and it’s off the charts,” says lead researcher John P. Porcari, head of the university’s Clinical Exercise Physiology program. While workouts were completed in less than 12 minutes, subjects still burned an average of 115.8 calories while nearly maxing out VO measurements and spiking blood lactate to more than three times the average.
“The thing we’ve seen with a lot of these workouts is you go flat-out as fast as you can, but then your form falls apart. You really need to be technically correct with a lot of these exercises or else you’re going to get hurt,” Porcari says. “And it’s nice to be competitive with other CrossFitters, but at what point are you pushing yourself outside the realm of safety?”
The findings are certainly no surprise to Dave Werner.
“For those two WODs, 80 percent of VO2 Max sounds about right,” Werner says. “That means those guys are pushing nearly as a hard as they can.”

The interesting thing about the technique comment is, that while it's all true, it's not the simple thing that one would think.  Technique is never perfect, and you can get a lot of fitness from CrossFit with some fairly rotten technique.  Better technique is better, but doing it "wrong" is better than not doing it at all.  

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