Wednesday, January 8, 2014

CrossFit: Coach thyself — 4 tips on how to build good form and improve technique | PT365

Big gyms and good coaches are nice, Werner says, but you can do a lot to learn and refine basic technique on your on own, or with buddies in your unit.
“In the military especially, you typically have groups of guys working out together. They can do a very nice job of coaching each other. You don’t have to have an expert, outside coach,” he says. “Those are handy when you can get them, but not mandatory.”
Some of Werner’s tips to help you get started.
Train each other
Film yourself
Pay attention to the details 
Listen to the warning signs

This is a great little write up, I recommend you read it all.

I've met Dave, he used CrossFit to rebuild himself.  He's a very intense, very awesome gentleman.  I was in his gym when it was just transitioning to a new location - awesome to hear he has 500 members!

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