Monday, February 3, 2014

Jakers: The Paleolithic Model

From my good friend Jason "Jakers" Parent:

The Paleolithic Diet is the diet that we humans are genetically adapted to eat. The paleolithic age is the same as the Stone Age – so this is a stone age diet or life style. This has been humanity’s preferred diet for something like 2.5 million years, and humans have only genetically changed 0.005% since the introduction of agriculture (the Neolithic). As a rule, agricultural (and technological) products are not healthy to eat, and we should predominantly try to eat only those whole foods that are healthy in their raw state (though almost all humans, including hunter-gatherers cook their food).
This is not a quick-fix diet but a way of life. You’re not supposed to starve when you eat only paleo foods. Eat when you’re hungry!

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