Friday, June 3, 2011

Four Hour Body

Tim Ferriss' latest is the Four Hour Body and it is a fat tome with a fascinating premise - you can learn something from many years and many episodes of an creatively OCD man's experiments in human performance.

Ferriss loves to discover a premise, quantify it in an experimental protocol, and observe/measure the outcomes in his own or others' bodies.

There's a bunch in Ferriss' book into which a nutrition junkie could delve, including how to binge with damage control, how to "cheat" the NFL combine, how to swing a bat for power, and how to execute Ferriss' "slow carb" diet.  Truly, that only scratches the surface of the book's goodies.  But after digging through nearly 400 fascinating pages, there's only a little that I'm willing to apply to myself.

Short list:  cold showers; a super low volume strength protocol designed by a sprint coach for sprint athletes and thus quite applicable to a guy like me who's doing strength to be a better CrossFitter vice a strength guy; why cinnamon can help your blood sugar levels; why spinach really was helping Popeye get strong; and how you can use ten reps a day for rapid improvement.

At the macro level, the book's biggest lesson is how to design and execute an "N=1" experiment.

I'm working on the application of several of TF's ideas, focusing on those ideas that might have an application to continued improvement of work capacity across broad time and modal domains.  I'm looking forward to seeing how they work!

There's no part of the book that wasn't interesting to me, and don't think that I've in any way summed up all that could be learned from "The Four Hour Body".  If you have the time and inclination, it's worth the $$ to buy/read.

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