Monday, June 13, 2011

Solar Powered Human?

Fascinating correlations between vitamin D and athletic performance, based on nearly 100 years of published work.

I began to supplement vitamin D in the fall, and found an immediate and palpable improvement in work capacity.  I do not think this is because vitamin D gelcaps are magic pills; it is because I was deficient.  My levels have improved to the 50s (ng/ml) over the last two years with supplementation and some natural exposure to sunlight.  There are arguments both ways about whether or not to supplement once vitamin D levels reach 30 ng/ml, but below that level should be considered pathological.

MERSA, bone disease, cancer, infectious disease - vitamin D is indicated in prevention and minimization of all of these.  There's just no way we could avoid getting vitamin D throughout most of human history, and now that we do avoid getting enough, there's a price.

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