Monday, August 13, 2012

CrossFit Kids - An Introduction


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Ever wondered what CrossFit would be like applied to kids?  The answer is - incredible!  Look at these kids!

But it is also not just CrossFit done by younger people, it's an entirely different approach, for the obvious reasons, some of which my friends Jeff and Mikki Martin touch on in this video.

When they talk about changing children's lives - I've seen what they can do.  The kids they reach have a different life trajectory.  It is as transformational or more so than what is often seen for adults with CrossFit.

When I grow up and my CrossFit gym grows up I relish the idea of creating a gym like Jeff and Mikki's gym where kids can come and find safety, friends, adventure, challenge, and a culture of striving to reach that next milestone - through work and practice.

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