Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mark's Daily Apple: Enjoy the Eggs

Exercise, practice stress reduction, and get your waist circumference checked.
Don’t smoke.
Don’t age.
Don’t pay too much attention to ridiculous observational studies (this is part of stress reduction).
Oh, yeah – eat egg yolks, and lots of them. Doubly so if you’re low-carb (remember the starch/grain-free high-egg diet referenced above). Make ‘em pastured, if possible, or at least from hens that ate something besides soy and corn. They’re more nutritious and probably “safer” than industrial eggs.
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I recommend a read of the whole article.  Mark does a nice job as usual of dissecting a bad study, while highlighting how difficult it would be to even try to answer the "egg question" authoritatively.  Until the money is available for a long term intervention study, however, all you have to go by is your experiment on yourself - eat meat, eggs, vegetables, nuts and seeds, little fruit or starch and no sugar/wheat.  Then, measure your results.  If your results are not as good as needed, refine from there - if you are worried about eggs, for example, or dairy, try a 30 elimination test and see how you look, feel and perform.

The ability we all have in this day and time to get easy access to information, and to measure results for ourselves, means we do not have to depend on witch doctors or epidemiological studies to sort out how to be healthy.  Instead, formulate your own plan, check the results, refine from there.

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