Tuesday, August 14, 2012

POSE: It's All There

Between the video above, and this article, you could gain all the knowledge needed to understand and practice the POSE Method of running.  But to actually improve your running, you will have to use drills, get feedback (camera or coach), and steady practice over time.  Why?  You have likely spent thousands of moments developing the running patterns you have, and these are all unconscious patterns.  Changing those is effortful.

The elements to look for in the video are:
-soft knees (never a strait leg)
-body vertical
-falling forward by letting the hips move ahead of the balance point on the foot
-run by pulling the foot to the hip
-think only of the foot on the ground, let the body (unconscious motor patterns) place the other foot on the ground

As I've gained skill, I can feel when the stride is right; it feels like I'm rolling along.  It feels very good!


  1. Great blog! Constant practice, drills, feedback - camera and coaching, and constant practice is definitely what it takes. It is a "humbling" experience to be videotaped and then picked apart by a Pose coach - it gives a good "real time" picture of what is really happening as opposed to what the perception might be while running. It is a constant endeavor to change those unconscious motor patterns. I agree that when you're in good "pose-fall-pull" it feels as if you're rolling (almost floating) and yes - it does feel good. On a side note, my Pose coach (Valerie) is pictured in the article that you linked; she's the under "The Pull." Thanks again for sharing. I really enjoy your blogs.


  2. Linda, thanks for your comments! I can tell we enjoy a common passion for POSE.

    I enjoyed watching the Olympic runners - generally, very beautiful running!

  3. Phenomenal performances by the Olympic runners! Incredibly beautiful!