Thursday, June 6, 2013


The processed food bars seen above can be used to keep carbs low, but still get something to knock the edge off of appetite.  They are portable, better than arsenic and not unreasonably expensive.  I used these kinds of bars extensively in early efforts to master food, diet and health.

What I've found is that even thought they can be low in carbs, and they can be crutch which is better than carb indulgence, they are not a thing to rely upon for daily use if you want to maximize your health.  For that - you need food.

However, much like diet soda, if you can use these bars in place of nasty high carb foods - that's a win. Go from worst to better, and then eventually from better to best as you chase the lifestyle change that will help you feel like you are thriving day in and day out.

But whatever you  do - if it says "soy joy" just say no!

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