Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This was a lunch from last week:

  • Pellegrino water, because to do a workout after work, I have to force drink water all day, and Pellegrino is interesting enough that I'll drink it long after I'm way bored with plain water
  • Sliced turkey for cheap, portable, storable protein
  • Salami for the fat and salt and because I like it
  • Hershey's dark chocolate, enough to give me 25g of carbs
  • Coconut oil for the medium chain triglycerides and to make the dark chocolate more palatable
  • I probably ate some macadamia nuts with this
  • Many days, I eat an apple with this

Most of these things I can keep in my desk, the others are gathered during a once weekly run to the grocery store and kept in the office fridge.  This makes it easy to have a lunch that provides basic nutrition, it's enough food that I can barely eat it all, it is not too expensive, and it does no metabolic damage (no wheat, very little sugar).  Oh yes, I like most of these also!

Many of these items would not qualify as "paleo", but they work fine.  Which is to say, I'll never say I do "strict" paleo because I drink 3 or 4 glasses of milk weekly, I eat cheese, I eat processed meats, and I don't eat all that many veggies or fruit.  What I take from the paleo model is that dairy, wheat, sugar, and many fruits/veggies which exist as a result of man made efforts to breed sweeter varieties of foods, are suspect (as are industrial seed oils).  I tolerate butter, cheese, some raw milk, processed meats and other marginal "paleo" foods just fine, so I eat them if I like them.  In the summer in particular, I eat some rice and sweet potatoes since I seem to feel better when I get more carbs in the summer.  I eat sweet potatoes year round, because they are awesome and make a great excuse to eat more butter (ditto of course all veggies, potatoes, rice and mashed cauliflower).

It can be easy and relatively inexpensive to avoid sugaring, wheating, seed oiling, or high carbing yourself to death.

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