Saturday, November 9, 2013

Practice CrossFit: Wisdom

If the box on the corner is all nipples and nightcaps, good for them. That’s not my box and they don’t speak for me. It’s their right to do as they wish. As for me and mine, we have a website explaining who we are in length and our actions everyday to back it up.

If someone is too stupid and close-minded to see the difference in thousands of warehouses with ropes and rigs, then I was never meant to help them; fitness doesn’t cure stupid. If some deranged local believes that one box speaks for 7,000, or that an entity speaks for a person, they’re an idiot begging for a reason to stay in spin class.

No matter the pictures they’ve posted or the quotes they’ve released, I’ve been nothing but proud to be part of a community that moves forward while helping so many along the way. I’m stoked that it encourages me to do the same.

Affiliates would do well to remember that this fitness movement is a privilege we asked for, not a right we’re entitled to. That we’re in it to lift large loads quickly, to change the game not conform to its rules. We’ve always published sexy photos of men and women and we always will. And we’re only going to get better at it, because if CrossFit is anything, it’s efficient.

For the record, I love people in spin classes, too, but like the author, I doubt most of those in spin class get the impact for their time they would get if they were doing CrossFit.  However, "To each their own."

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