Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CFJ: How The World Sees CFers

A coffee shop near my hotel, which is currently flooded with Reebok-wearing athletes.  I order an Americano and ask for heavy cream to top it off.
The barista, a plump woman who was just as wide as she was tall, says, “OK, that’s enough. I have to ask. What is with all you fit-looking people drinking this high-fat, heavy whipping cream in your coffee? There have been so many of you here this week asking for this high-fat cream. I would think you would ask for skim milk or soy milk. How y’all remain so fit?”
I didn’t want to get into a nutrition talk with this woman. There was a lineup, I was in a rush, and I am in no way a poster girl for the 100 percent Paleo lifestyle, so I came up with a quick answer.
“Fat doesn’t make you fat. I ate bacon for breakfast this morning, too,” I said.
“So you’re telling me I should start eating bacon and I can look like you?” asked the woman, an excited sparkle in her eye, clearly visualizing the bacon she was going to fry up as soon as her shift was over.
I got the distinct feeling I may have set this woman off on the wrong track and immediately regretted my careless bacon promotion.
The Leftover Bagel Mystery
The hotel I’m staying at serves a continental breakfast in the morning. When they were told a group of athletes was coming, they upped their bagel quota.
“Usually when we know sports teams are coming, we know athletes like their bagels. We always seem to run out when the football teams stay here,” said one of the hotel employees.
Oddly enough, this weekend bagels are going stale.
“Y’all are more into the sausages,” laughed the same hotel employee, shaking her head in what looked like confused disgust. “We’ll remember that for next year— CrossFitters like sausages.”

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