Thursday, May 24, 2012

Peanut Butter Lovers, "Look Under the Hood"

Do you love peanut butter?  Take a read from MDA and decide how much and how often you'll eat, based on his cautions.  I have switched to almond butter - not as delightful as PB, but not bad either.  I would grab a spoonfull of PB ahead of many other snack foods, but don't want it to be a staple, for reasons Mark explains nicely.

Man, you guys really love your peanut butter.
I get at least one email a week from a devoted reader of the blog who just can’t shake the desire (that feels like a need) to eat peanut butter on a regular basis. They’re on board with everything else. They’ve ditched grains and vegetable oils. They’re walking more and getting better sleep. They’re getting sun and eating more vegetables than ever before. They’ve switched to grass-fed beef (sometimes liver, too!) and wild-caught fish. They’ve even happily dumped all the other legumes, except for that persistent, palatable peanut. The more dedicated among them may be soaking, sprouting, roasting, and grinding their own peanuts into peanut butter, but they’re still eating peanut butter – a “forbidden” food on the Primal eating plan.

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