Friday, May 4, 2012

There Is A Secret - Gratitude

The time came, and we all strolled over to Book Passages, where Jacobs proceeded to talk up his books and his experiences enduring their challenges. The stories were enchanting, but it was during the Q&A that one particular question stood out: Which of his books/experiments had the most profound and lasting effect on his life? Which one stuck with him the most? A particular health craze? The Paleo Diet? Chewing your food 100 times? Loving thy neighbor? Knowing the capital of Bolivia?

The answer, he said, was none of those. It was actually a lesson from the Bible, a basic and seemingly obvious rule that was also irrefutable, timeless and unquestionable across all time and space and dimension. And it wasn't even about gay sex.

The rule was about giving thanks. Which is to say, saying thank you (often literally), offering gratitude, endlessly and always, for all that surrounds you. Tremendously simple idea, he said, but it changes everything.

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Tony Robbins attributes this insight to an interview he did with Sir John Templeton - and since I heard Tony's comment on it, I have been practicing my gratitude "muscles" in the hope that they would work with greater efficiency and effect.  I highly recommend the practice.  Most of the ways I feel deprived are contrived deprivations, vice real ones.  Or as Tony puts it, "We believe ourselves to be short of resources when we are short on resourcefulness."  Imagine the odds of problem solving depending upon which mind set you are in - it would be the difference between life and death.

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