Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Model For Running

"This brings up another point. If you were to do a set of twenty jumping squats or a set of twenty jump rope jumps, which would be a more efficient movement for getting your feet off the ground?
Obviously, the jump rope hops require less muscle activation, less energy, and less effort. In part, this reflects the difference between muscle contraction (jumping squats) and muscle elasticity (jumping rope). That makes the difference between finishing a marathon ineffectively and finishing a marathon effectively."

"We like to think of running-or other movement-happening in three separate phases: the pose, the fall, and the pull. The pose is the point at which your foot passes under your center of mass and you make the shape of the number 4 with your legs and look great (photo 2). The fall happens when you let go, use gravity to your advantage, and just fall. You can see the slight forward lean in both pictures. The pull, where the supporting foot is pulled, instead of pushed, from the ground and movement continues."

I attended the author's seminar last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed both Brian and staff.  The seminar was well organized, focused on the important points, and extremely helpful to me as a coach and as an athlete.  

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