Thursday, March 7, 2013

Attia & IFIK

For my friends and clients working to get into and stay into nutritional ketosis, I posted one day's worth of meals from Peter Attia's web site as an example.  This post is Attia's typically long and information dense post, but I think I'm on read number five or so and still gaining insights into what he's teaching. IOW, I like it.

Note the percentages of intake:
Carbs - 90g or ~360kcal
Protein - 131 or 419-524kcal (some say an average of 3.2kcal of protein becomes fuel after to losses in hair, skin, nails, and protein spills from urine)
Fat - 218 or 1962kcal

Thus, his intake is ~80% fat.  He is measuring his "success" in nutritional ketosis via a ketone measuring tool (.5 to 1.5 mmol/dl being ideal for "nutritional ketosis"), which was something like $1000.  You and I can get a pocket ketone meter nowadays for a few bucks, but the strips are $2-$6 each.  Thank you Canadian online pharmacy for the $2 strips!  Without that I would not be willing to do the ketone self experiments.

One more note - Attia thinks of himself as an cyclist aka endurance athlete, but also does one workout in three of relatively high intensity core strength and conditioning work.

  • 7 am — morning workout – flat intervals on bike (75 minutes).
  • 1 pm – Nicoise salad:
    2 cup butterhead lettuce, 1 tomato, 10 black olives, 8 oz tuna steak, 1 hard boiled egg, 0.5 cup red onion, 2 oz lemon juice, 4 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp mustard.
  • 7 pm – Chicken salad with nuts:
    2 cup romaine lettuce, 1 tomato, 0.5 cup cucumber, 2 oz cashews, 2 oz walnuts, 8 oz chicken breast, 6 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar.
Daily totals:
Carbohydrate – 89 gm
Protein – 131 gm
Fat – 218 gm (about 15% SFA, 70% MUFA, 15% PUFA)
Calories – 2,900


  1. Do share which pocket meter do you use, and what's the Canadian pharmacy's website?

    The product is called "Precision Xtra Ketones Test Strips"
    The meter obviously is a "precision extra"

  3. Houston, it works very well, and is quite informative.