Sunday, December 15, 2013

Double Under Instructional

Nice video of Dan Bailey teaching the double under:  mov

All the elements:
Body position - just like the POSE running position; soft knees, belly tight, butt tight, weight on forefoot

Feet close together

Jump = just slightly more vigorous than a single under - jumping too hard/high usually leads to bad position and from there to wasted effort and many missed jumps.  Most folks want to jump higher to get a double under.  Instead, move the hands faster.

If the knees bend after the rebound (IOW, pulling feet high to "make room" for the rope), or the body breaks at the waist, you are making this harder

Hands - move the hands with the wrists, elbows/shoulders should move little

Experiment with hand width - wider hands makes the rope "shorter" and faster, which can be bad or good

Hand position forward/aft - play with this but if you can't figure out why you are missing all of a sudden, this is probably it.

Slow bounce, as high as you can without distorting body position
Low bounce as fast as you can - slowly increase the tempo as you work towards 100 hyper fast single jumps
A double under is a slow, slightly higher bounce with the super fast hands.  If you try to jump high and fast, it don't work so great (unless you have hands like Chris Spealer or Buddy Lee!).

This is a high skill movement, and it is a decent question whether the time invested to learn it provides benefits equal to the investment.  Bouncing on the balls of the foot with balance and precision when gasping for breath is a good thing.  Correct body position over the balls of the feet is a good thing (carry over to running).  The ability to play with moving the hands at a different tempo than the feet is a good thing.  Being able to stabilize the torso while bouncing and gasping for breath is a good thing.  Being able to express this degree of skill when exhausted is a grand thing.

And doing double unders - it is just plain fun when you hear the whip of the rope and the double slap on the ground.  The glorious ecstasy that one finds when on a run of 10-40 DUs and also dead tired - the mind wonders how one can't miss the next jump.  The mind stops trying to control the DU and just lets them happen.  The body drives on until the mind takes back over at extreme muscle fatigue.  Crazy to be on that ride.

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