Saturday, December 28, 2013

Why do people hate CrossFit? — I. M. H. O. — Medium

To to a CrossFit box and see their workout of the day. Can’t do it? No problem. Any trainer at any box anywhere in the world will help you scale it, teach and reteach you the motions, and even come up with alternative movements if you are limited. The one thing that won’t happen is to have someone tell you that you are weak or giving up. They may encourage you to try to push yourself a bit more once you start to feel comfortable. That’s called progress.That’s called a challenge.
My favorite moments in CrossFit are watching the fifty-two year old mom of three who’s forty pounds overweight shout in triumph as she finishes her (scaled — gasp!) workout knowing she pushed a little harder this week than last on her path to health and fitness. This time, she ran each part of the running elements rather than walked, and that is a truly beautiful thing.

I enjoyed this article, which puts a finger on why the CrossFit backlash can be so angry.

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