Thursday, February 23, 2012


If I had to pick one running workout to do exclusive of all others, it would be this simple:

Run 200m, easy pace, walk back.  As soon as the 200m walk is complete,
Run 200m, faster.  Walk back.  As soon as the 200m walk is complete,
Run 200m, best speed.
Repeat 3 to 10 times, based on your fitness, how good you feel, how much you like/don't like the runs.
Doing this is fun for me because it is relatively fast, and if I had to prioritize my relative deficiencies, speed is at the top.  Two, this is a muscle building, power building workout.  Three, this workout will tax the metabolism as much as I'm am willing to let it - the fitter and faster one gets, the deeper into the pain cave one gets running 200s.  Last, it's a lot of goodness for a relatively short time - five minute warmup, five runs including the two warmups, and after 20 minutes the cool down begins and a significant work capacity was cultivated - the ability to generate near maximal output for 30-60s (on that note, if you can't finish a 200m in 60s, just run 60s, and measure how far you go.  Celebrate the increases in distance over time).

Want to make this little tool in a took kit?  There are an infinite number of WODs you build off of this:
1.  3 to 5 RFT (rounds for time), run 200m, 10 pushups, 15 sit-ups
2.  Run 200m, 10 burpees, 10 sit-ups, 10 squats, 200m, 9 of each, 200m 8 of each, etc.
3.  Run 200m, 30-50 squats, 4-6 rounds
4.  Run 200m, 30 pushups, 200m, 20 pushups, 200m, 10 pushups
5.  Run 200m, 15 pull-ups, 200m, 25 pushups, 200m, 35 situps, 200m, 45 squats
If you have never done these kinds of workouts, or have not been doing high intensity, anaerobic workouts, do a half or a quarter of one, and work your way up from there.

If you add the option of sled pushes/pulls, sand bag lifts, wall ball shots, pull-ups, power cleans, dumb bell snatches, rope jumps/double unders, ring play, med ball cleans, or water bucket/bottle carries ... not much could stand between a person and fitness.  The cost could be as low or high as desired, but it need not be an obstacle.

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