Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cancer Sugar Again

The study found:
(a) Women who ate the most carbohydrate had a 22% increased rate of breast cancer compared to the women who ate the least carbohydrate.
(b) Women who ate the most fibre had a 9% increased rate  of breast cancer compared to the women who ate the least fibre.

That summary from this excellent blog:

The original study here:

It's just an epidemiological study, and it's not any information that is not already well known for those in the low carb world.  Still, it's nice that the epidemiologists can get funding to study this, instead of punching out another study about fat.  Why does this make sense?  Because cancers are often very sugar and insulin sensitive and derive their fuel by fermenting sugars.  If a cancer comes along (think of cancer as a cell which becomes damaged but does not go through apoptosis (automated self destruction), but cannot gain a competitive advantage against neighboring cells, then eventually it dies or just languishes.  If that same cancer is getting boatloads of sugar by which it can fuel itself, it might become the thing you die from (not with).

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