Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Perfect Heath Diet

Food Plate
This is a very nice piece of work from the Jaminets at

They make a great contribution to the dialogue, with a remarkably unemotional, even handed approach.  In some ways, their diet is less restrictive than a "paleo" diet, and their ultra disciplined research based approach is remarkable, as is their ability to put it into plain language.  If I don't agree with, yet, all their points, I'd still whole heartedly recommend this template of what to, and what not to, eat.  If you take their version of "quality" foods, and apply their approach to macro nutrient ratios, you'll do well.

Their auto-biography reads like very many you see in the paleo blogosphere; dietary transformation leads to life transformation.  Their book is a good read, as is their blog.

Thanks Jaminets for your great work!

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