Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Coconut Oil For Alzheimer's

This is a nice video -

BLUF:  Ketones generated from coconut oil consumption seem to help folks who are losing their minds.

I hope this is right, and if it is, then intermittent fasting (which mainly means not eating between dinner and lunch), in combination with coconut oil, should do even better, since that fasting period enables/demands significant ketone production (IOW, you don't have to be on a full, stage 1 Atkins level of carb restriction to be in ketogenic metabolism by the time you get up in the AM, and you can extend that phase through IF).

So how would it feel to be losing weight, to be full of energy (and not hungry) even though you rarely eat anything before 10:00AM, to not have to bother with making a meal every morning, and to possibly be disease proofing yourself at the same time?  You'd be setting yourself up for optimal blood sugar control, by running primarily on fat all day long.  How much impact would that make in your life?  For me, it has been most excellent and I highly recommend you experiment with IF after you achieve glycemic control through a 30 day run of eating meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, little fruit or starch, no sugar/wheat.

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