Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Men's "Health" Or Not

In an article about high blood pressure (HBP), Men's Health shows the value of health journalism by listing a bunch of techniques which:
1. Most folks do anyway
2. Folks with metabolic syndrome, which is the largest cause of HBP, can't or won't want to do
3. May not actually help that much; they may just be things that folks that are healthy do, and folks that have metabolic syndrome don't do, meaning they will be correlates with HPB, not causative agents

What the article could have said, but didn't, is that carb restriction cures metabolic syndrome and HPB in about 80% of the population.

So, salt restriction, 2 drinks a day, and exercise may be counted on to lower HPB by a few points, if at all.  If that's your treatment you'll get on or stay on meds.  Or, you can stop sugaring yourself to death and get off of meds and eat as much salt as you like, if you are one of the 80%.

Luckily for "Men's Health" there's no such thing as medical malpractice journalism.


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