Friday, April 12, 2013

On the End of the Open 2013

"How often have you come to a crossroads kind if day, like the day you married, or the day a child was born, or the day a parent died, or the day you graduated high school? Have you anticipated the day? Have you let yourself feel the emotion of the event. Have you allowed yourself to be swallowed by your sense of gravity of the event? Have you ever just stopped and considered how the event fits into the course of your life, how it might change it, how you might be changed by it. Today the Open ends for me and golf season begins. At 6:00 am I am sitting in the dark thinking about that. It's certainly not as momentous a point as marriage or death. But, it is nonetheless a point. And we have been taught in our Crossfit life to measure, to record, to contemplate our results. And so I do. "

CrossFit Games Master competitor, Ray Garcia, writes eloquently about competing in this year's CF Games Open.  Read on friends and be inspired.

I finished a little better percentile wise than last year, a little worse than the year before. Next year I compete in an older grouping - can I crack the top 10%?

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