Monday, May 13, 2013

Fake Health Food

I have eaten this product before, and like it.  It makes a great snack, and I loved the idea that I was enjoying something that was providing nutrients I wanted.  Then I read the label (mistake?!).
The label revealed I was oogling farm raised atlantic salmon, with the pink color added. 
That means it is fed the same corn or soy based "food" that most cattle are fed, and thus, it doesn't have the awesome omega-3s that wild caught fish accumulate from a natural diet/life cycle. 
It claims to have omega-3s, but chances are that is only added, perhaps via flax seeds or some other short chain omega 3 product.  In other words, it's nothing I need.
This is how it goes - if one is just starting a carb restriction voyage, this food would be a great choice.  But as I move towards better choices over time, it's just OK to eat food like this; it adds little but it doesn't hurt anything, either.
The industrial food chain delivers high quanities of food with marginal nutritional value at a ridiculously low cost (measured against time spent to obtain it) - and high quantities of so called food that is unsafe in almost any dosage.  Moving from one end of that spectrum to the other is significant.

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