Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Conditioning....What's best for the athlete?

Mike Boyle makes a great point in his book Advances in Functional Training, he states:
“Injuries usually occur during training camp because the program ignored three vital components of the conditioning process.
• Acceleration
• Deceleration
• Change of Direction
The ability to tolerate the muscular forces generated by accelerating and decelerating are the real keys to conditioning. Deficiencies in these components are often why athletes feel out of shape.”
So instead of running your FALL SPORTS into the dirt during this time frame, try incorporating the following fundamentals into your early off-season programming.
• Proper Body Positioning (posture)
• Balance
• Stability
• Mobility
• Proper Acceleration Mechanics
Remember when developing a conditioning program, its important to go watch practices and games. This will give you an idea of the demands being put on the athlete, plus build great relationships with your sport coaches and athletes you are working with.

Excellent point - we never train for the cutting, stopping starting - but we should.

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