Tuesday, July 9, 2013


In my recent adventures with the POSE method of running, I have enjoyed the following techniques quite a lot.

First, I ran the 30/30/30 run; 30 seconds on pace, 30 seconds walking/resting, for 30 minutes.  Running the 30s on the metronome pace was much better than trying to run to a metronome non-stop, and was almost enjoyable.  It is also very informative to running in the POSE.  The metronome pace varied from 90-96, with the goal of pulling one foot from the ground with each beep (IOW, either left or right, thus the pace was 180/min to 192/min).  I was surprised by the difference in my perception of 180 foot falls per minute and the timed measure of 180 foot falls per minute.

The next training session was a 6k using a metronome for 30s, then my own pace for 30s, then walking for 30s, using 91 beats/second on the metronome.  In this session, I had the BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) that it was easiest to "find" the metronome pace when running in place. After hitting that pace, I could easily hold it as I let my hips come forward to run.  I found myself running at high speeds almost effortlessly using this technique - the high speeds were anaerobic and not sustainable, but sustainable wasn't a requirement.  Running that fast and that effortlessly for 30s was good fun.

As I went through this cycle, I found I could feel with good precision when I was running over my center of gravity, which is to say, I was in the best position for running well.

I've trained with the metronome before but never found it to be so instructive.  The interval training was enjoyable and set the stage for more learning.  Being able to run with no knee pain is near to miraculous.

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