Thursday, June 5, 2014

Low/No Equipment WODs

Taken from the link below, these are great examples of how to get a smashing workout with no/low equipment.

Accumulate 5 minutes in a handstand against a wall, and every time you kick down, do a certain number of air squats (I did sets of 15 squats because I suck at handstands and had to kick down about 300 times)

4 rounds for time:
400-meter treadmill run
20 one-arm 50-lb. dumbbell snatches (alternating arms) 20 front squats with both dumbbells
(I would change the snatches to 30 per round)

In a hotel with six floors, 20 minutes of stair sprints and bunny hopping up the stairs 

5 rounds:

40-meter treadmill run
15 hang power cleans at 135 lb. 

Monkey-bar Cindy in a park at night 

100 over-the-bench burpees with 50-lb. dumbbells

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