Sunday, July 18, 2010

A "Prescription" Alternative to Statins

This is powerful medicine.  All the side effects are GOOD!
"In the world of conventional healthcare, in which you are instructed to follow a diet that increases risk for heart disease and not advised to correct nutrient deficiencies like vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, then a drug like Lipitor may indeed provide benefit.
But when you are provided genuinely effective information on diet, along with correction of nutrient deficiencies, then the "need" and apparent benefits of Lipitor largely dissolve. While there are occasional genetic anomalies that can improve with use of Lipitor and other statins, many, perhaps most, people taking these drugs really would not have to if they were just provided the right information."
Dr. Davis' Rx:
-eliminate wheat and sugar
-supplement vitamin D, measuring the result to achieve the right level
-measure and regulate iodine/thyroid function
Compare that prescription to the cost of a $3/day drug (typical statin cost), and consider the former has no negative 'side effects' (the main side effects are you lose weight and feel better), whereas statin side effects are significant. I am not the person to say whether you should or should not use statins, of course, as legally and morally, that's the realm of a board approved medical doctor. But it doesn't take an MD to figure out that the first prescription is superior and should be pursued prior to considering other interventions."

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