Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WOD Wednesday, 14 July

Perform the maximum number of burpees (defined as dropping entire body to the deck, then stand and jump with a clap overhead) as possible in 15 minutes.  Challenge: for the first five minutes, execute your goal number of burpees as fast as possible, recover for the remainder of the minute, repeat after 60s.  Example, if the goal is 150 burpees in 15 minutes, start with 10 burpees executed at fastest possible speed, rest until 60s is complete, repeat for a total of five rounds of "burping speed".


  1. Nick-111 Burpees in 15 mins

  2. Julieanna-87 in 15 minutes (about 80 in poor form, hehe - have to start somewhere)

  3. Start somewhere indeed! Thanks folks. Awesome work today, more fun tomorrow.