Monday, September 20, 2010

Lustig on Fructose
"Doctors have long assumed that there is a connection between increasing sugar consumption and the country's out-of-control obesity epidemic. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition earlier this week suggested that a single can of soda a day can add 15 pounds a year.
"And increasingly, physicians are becoming frustrated with patients who are obese or in danger of becoming obese and seem incapable of making the lifestyle changes that are necessary to lose weight.
"If Lustig's hypothesis is correct, then it's no wonder physicians are frustrated: Their patients are driven to eat more and exercise less, in much the same way they're driven to drink when they're thirsty.
"Your body is telling you to eat more. Our bodies don't do well fighting biochemical drive," Lustig said. "Try to not drink something after you've eaten a pizza, when you're thirsty."
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Dr. L is articulating a primary element of dietary success - if you eat in a way that results in hunger, you will eat more and you will be drawn to particularly poor quality foods.  If you eat very nourishing food, foods that provide adequate protein and fat, you get stable blood sugar, health, and a normal appetite.

You won't win a long term battle against your appetite.  You win by keeping quality foods handy, and enjoying how much better quality food tastes when you are not eating low quality, high sugar/starch foods.

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