Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shi No Ubi's Picture Of Success

My friend has hit the 30 pound milestone!  Along the way, he's started to heal his damaged metabolism.  His system, no longer bombarded by wheat and other 'sugar bomb' foods, is regaining the capacity to regulate the levels of glucose he sustains.  Going from a waking glucose of 110, to a waking glucose of 99, is a significant shift in health in and of itself.  Why?  High glucose levels are associated with everything you don't want; high weight, a future of medications, accelerated aging, CVD, and a long, drawn out, decline in physical, and mental, fitness.  
The best measure of the health of your metabolism is called an A1c - it measures how much your hemoglobin has been 'glycated.'  Glycation is the process by which proteins are damaged by binding to sugars in a way that makes the proteins non-functional junk.  Glycation to some degree is inevitable, but above a certain level, it is associated with all the diseases of the West.  In other words, high glucose levels will generate too much glycation, and that will be reflected in the A1c number.  
Every day, my friend works to unload his metabolic systems (by eating meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar or wheat), allowing healing, which is reflected in his decreasing AM glucose readings.  He'll see the daily successes reflected in the A1c from his next visit to a doctor.


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