Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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I took my first deer hunt of 2012 yesterday, mostly a scouting venture with a bow in my hand.  At first, it was tedious and frustrating, but eventually - the woods broke through and I didn't want to leave.  Felt ecstatic all day.  There was sign everywhere, and I was within spitting distance of deer twice - one big one by the sound when it vamoosed - without ever seeing a hair of either.  It was that thick - which is also why it's good deer cover.

Every piece of land tells a story, and I enjoyed learning the story I could see on this one - old houses, long abandoned, little left but foundations.  A long abandoned orchard - beautiful old pecans.  Fields not plowed for years with no trees older than 20 years, sitting next to bottom lands with large, old trees, the fences gone but easy to note nonetheless due to the shift in tree ages.

After that, I made my way to visit with Mike Bledsoe and Doug Larson of Faction Strength and Conditioning, where we talked performance nutrition for their podcast, The Barbell Shrugged, at their site,

Doug is offering a free online nutrition course - to check it out, go here.  While I like to dive into the long boring details of why, Doug is strong on what the heck to do to get healthy and fit - right now.

I highly recommend you join for his free offering!  Starts October 15 at the link above ...

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