Friday, October 26, 2012

"Women Can't Do Pullups" - WHAT?!?!

A pathetic article was published yesterday in the NYT entitled "Why Women Can't Do Pullups." Silly article, but it invited the videos you can watch at the link below of ladies doing pullups - lots!
My best client - my wife Janet! - can do over 20 pullups, multiple dead hangs, and a single pullup with 30 pounds. She never strength trained before age 33. And while the program in the study profiled in the NYT was ONLY working on pullup strength, Janet is also gaining in deadlifts, squats, presses, olympic lifts, rope climbs, metabolic capacity, movement skill, and functional application of her new strengths to her life.

Click the link above - Nadia's 100 pullups in under 4 minutes. Annie's pregnant pullups! Amanda's 10 dead hang pullups! The CrossFit staff ladies banging out pullup after pullup! Awesome.
I don't know if it is worth dedicating time to learn pullups for every woman.  Perhaps not every woman can do a pullup.  But there are thousands of gals doing pullups in CrossFit gym every day, and it is drastically changing what people think women can or cannot do.  It teaches ladies they needn't assume they cannot do it just because of their gender.

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