Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fructose and DHA Study

"It's hard to find a study that supports the Bulletproof Diet more than
this one. Not only did it show that fructose damages your brain
function, it also shows that DHA protects your brain. The Bulletproof
Diet supplies ample high quality omega-3s from grass-fed meat,
wild-caught/low-mercury seafood, and select fish and krill oil
supplements. If you overdo your fructose intake for a day, these fats
will help limit the damage. On the other hand, if you aren't consuming
enough omega-3s, you're going to be more sensitive to the negative
effects of fructose."

Rats were tested in a maze, then retested after subbing either fructose
solution or fructose solution and more DHA. The fructose only rats
showed cognitive decline, but the fructose+DHA rats showed less. There
were also physiological issues such as insulin resistance that
manifested in the rats "fructosization".

I think all that proves is you can make rats sicker, faster, if you
overfeed them fructose.

But it comports with other information that already indicates both of
the things "Bullet Proof Exec" would like you to believe:
-Fructose is toxic at relatively low doses
-Foods that expand your waistline is generally harming your brain

I'm not ready to have the USDA start arresting parents that feed their
children sports drinks or cokes, but ... hopefully you get the idea.

If you do sports drinks or, for example, that heavenly beverage called
"Dr. Pepper", moderation (a serving every other day perhaps?) would seem
the better part of valor.

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