Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Low Cholesterol Will Kill You

"Heart attack survivors live longer if they have high cholesterol"

"Low cholesterol levels increase the risk of death from stroke, cancer
and all causes"

"Low cholesterol levels predict death in patients with bacteria in the

"Colon cancer deaths increase in men with low cholesterol"

Are these joke headlines? Yes - and no. These headlines come from a
book entitled: Low Cholesterol Leads to an Early Death - Evidence From
101 Scientific Papers.

The death of the cholesterol myths is long overdue but still not close -
we're a nation of statinators. So it's nice when someone takes the time
to read scientific studies and report those findings which DON'T make
the abstract.

Thanks, Tom Naughton, for the review - and if you have not seen Tom's
work, Fat Head The Movie, in which he eats high fat fast food for 30
days and loses weight while improving his fasting lipid profile - do it!
The movie is funny and informative.

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