Monday, November 26, 2012


In the aftermath of Thanksgiving, I am grateful to be associated with a community that finds a way to do things like this:

"Instead of seeing our son grow in independence, we were helplessly watching him back track," Kim says.

"Kim often neglected her own health to care for Nathan. She was miserable until a neighbor told her about CrossFit VO2Max in 2011. She started the V02Max boot camp in the summer, and by August, she joined the regular classes.

"When Nathan broke his left femur again that fall, Kim started to talk about her experience with her new VO2Max family. "We started talking about Nathan and if it would be possible to adapt a program for him."

"In December 2011, Coach Ron Turner approached Kim with a plan to train Nathan three days a week for 30 minutes, at no cost.

"Kim didn't want to push Nathan into an uncomfortable experience, so she brought him to a birthday party at the gym and let him explore. He decided he wanted to give it a try.

"It was the first time he felt like he might be capable of something 'cool,'" Kim says.

"Having an athlete with OI presents significant challenges. Turner "started him with simple things-- like learning to deadlift and squat-- and slowly did small CrossFit met-cons for conditioning," Kim explains.

"Nearly a year later, Nathan gave up the wheelchair. He can walk outside and he increased his grip strength."

There are a lot of CF "haters" out there, and many would say "any good S&C program would do just as well."  And that may be true, but it is irrelevant.  CF gets a chance to do so many things like this because CF has become prevalent in the marketplace with a fitness model that the S&C geniuses said couldn't work "for the masses."  Instead of taking their knowledge to the market place, they defaulted to machines, fad fitness magazines, "cardio and crunches", and supplement sales.  In the mean time, this crazy man named Glassman figured out how to apply real S&C methods in a novel implementation suitable for pro athletes and grandmothers.  Millions of lives have been changed as a result.

I'm thankful for moms like Kim.  I'm thankful for the health of my children.  I'm thankful for these moments of achievement for Nathan.  

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