Friday, November 2, 2012

Water For Fat Loss

"... water has a lipolytic effect (fat burning). I read this in
a number of papers that had studied it, and the data clearly showed that
those who took in a lot of water had increased lipolysis. I didn't deny
the data, but I couldn't figure out the mechanism (and apparently
neither could any of the authors because none described it). I thought
on it a while and finally came up with what I think is a plausible

"When you drink water, especially cold water, you require some increase
in caloric burning to bring the water to body temperature, but that
increase doesn't amount to all that much (the authors did describe this
phenomenon), but you also dilute your blood for a bit until the water
equilibrates with the fluid in all the tissues, and effect that takes
some time. During this time, while the blood is more dilute, the
concentration of the various substances carried in the blood decreases.

"Which would mean that insulin levels would fall. The typical blood
volume is about 5 liters, so drinking a liter of water would increase
the blood volume temporarily by about 20 percent, which would mean the
concentration of insulin and other molecules in the blood would fall by
about 20 percent. A 20 percent drop in insulin levels would allow fat
to escape the fat cells and would facilitate its transfer into the
mitochondria for burning. At least that's my explanation for the
lipolytic effect seen in numerous studies of subjects increasing water

I love trailing after Mike Eades' thoughts, and since he can apparently
read about 100 times faster than I can, there's always fertile ground
for learning in his blog posts.

Thank you Mike!

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