Thursday, October 10, 2013

BBC News - How much can an extra hour's sleep change you?

This is a great read, telling all about why you will remember more of your life if you sleep, how you will function better if you sleep, and even a bit about how sleep affects fat gain/loss.

The bigger challenge - how to make time for sleep and how to optimize the sleep you get.  My best tactic is the afternoon nap, which seems to "make hay" in terms of how much total sleep I need to feel my best.  The nap has to be short to work - over 45 minutes makes it worse, and I try to make it 15 minutes or less.  It feels awesome!

I noticed a long time ago that I gained body fat when I was chronically sleep deprived - now they are starting to see why that happened.  Insulin resistance goes up when you under sleep - and nobody wants that.  There's a chicken/egg issue with sleep and fat loss, too - a low quality, high carb diet leading to blood sugar dis-regulation will disrupt sleep, and the resulting sleep dis-regulation will make you insulin resistant and carb hungry.  I lived a long period of my life like that and it wasn't pretty.

If you want health and pleasure, more sleep is the cheapest ticket to get there.

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