Friday, October 25, 2013

"Making Money Is No Way to Run A Business."

The Ripple Effect
This is a great read about CrossFit's unconventional business approach.

“Trying to make money is no way to run a business,” Glassman told the audience at the State Policy Network 20th Annual Meeting in Florida in November 2012.
“Money is essential to run a business, but it’s not why you run a business; it’s not what makes a business grow. Busi- nesses grow on dreams.”
Glassman estimates that the total CrossFit economic ecosystem is worth close to a billion dollars. That number includes the total financial take of all the trainers at all the affiliate gyms around the world.
“And our chunk of this is about 24 degrees of 360, or about $50 million,” he continued, and that small percentage kept by CrossFit Inc. will only grow smaller as the CrossFit community grows. 

This slice of the pie that’s within our control is narrowing, and by design, because the circle is growing,” Glassman said. “We call this the ‘least-rents model.’” 

Coach still amazes me all these years later!

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