Thursday, March 13, 2014

Browning Yourself With Fructose

Why is sugar, and especially fructose, such a health minefield?  Among other things, the risk comes for AGE.  Read on:

Take Home Messages:
  • Sugars in baked goods or blood, react with amino acids or proteins to make inflammatory AGEs.
  • Blood sugar tests only measure glucose and ignore fructose, which is even more unhealthy.  So, foods laced with fructose can be low glycemic, but very unhealthy.
  • The major AGE in blood is HgA1C.
  • Diabetics have more stable, lower blood sugar on low carb diets, e.g. my Anti-Inflammatory Diet.  The liver produces needed blood sugar from protein.
  • Diabetic use of fructose or agave nectar or honey encourages AGE, inflammation and diseases of diabetes.
  • Starch (not RS) is the only polysaccharide digested by gut enzymes and is high glycemic.
  • AGE is inflammatory leading to artery plaque and hypertension.
  • AGE as browned foods are probably tolerated by the body.

Read the whole post to better perceive the "lurking dangers" of AGEs that result from sugar intake.

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