Friday, March 7, 2014

Oatmeal: Heart healthy. . . or Not?

Is this true? Is oatmeal heart healthy because it reduces LDL cholesterol?

I don't think so. Sure, oatmeal can reduce LDL cholesterol modestly. But try this: Have a serving of slow-cooked (e.g., steel-cut, Irish, etc.) oatmeal. Most people will consume oatmeal with skim or 1% milk and some dried or fresh fruit. Wait an hour, then check your blood sugar.

If you are not diabetic and have a fasting blood sugar in the "normal" range (<100 1-hour="" 150-180="" a="" and="" be="" blood="" but="" can="" dl-that="" dl="" effect="" even="" everybody="" frightening="" glucose="" have="" high.="" instant="" it="" majority="" mg="" not="" o:p="" oatmeal="" of="" or="" quick="" response="" s="" show="" sugar="" the="" this="" try="" typically="" very="" will.="" will="" with="" worse.="" you="">

If you have mildly increased fasting blood sugars between 100 and 126 mg/dl, after-oatmeal blood sugars will easily exceed 180 mg/dl. If you have diabetes, hold onto your hat because, even if you take medications, blood sugar one hour after oatmeal will usually be between 200 and 300 mg/dl.
Some folks with high LDL are sick and don't live well.  No one with out of control blood sugar is healthy and living well.  Skip the oatmeal and have some meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, little fruit or starch, and no sugar/wheat.

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