Sunday, March 9, 2014

PN - Nutrient Timing?

While it’s still wise to bookend your training with protein and carbohydrates, you probably have one or two hours on both sides of your training to get those benefits.
What’s more, for most people — save a few specific types of athletes — it doesn’t seem to matter how fast you digest things.
So imagine this:
Rather than worrying about slamming down some waxy maize starch and whey hydrolysate immediately after training, shoving people out of the way on your mad dash to your gym bag for your Super Shake bottle, you can actually drive home, take a shower, prepare, and eat a delicious whole food mixed meal.
To back up this idea, recent data suggests that the total amount of protein and carbohydrate you eat, over the course of the day, is more important for body composition and performance than nutrient timing strategies.
So, make no mistake, we’re not done with workout nutrition. (In fact, I’ll outline our current workout nutrition strategies in my next article.) Rather, we’re simply more open to the idea that there are several ways to eat for performance and body composition.
One of the things I like about PN is that they will review and reconsider.  In a dogma laden business, that is a good thing.

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